Do you love cats, but hate all the hair!?!

Then we have just the cats for you!


  We are a registered cattery with both CFA & TICA. 
Our kittens go home current on vaccinations, wormed, kitten pack with food samples-coupons-information, a health guarantee, & lifetime support as needed.

  Any pet (non-breeding prospect) will be spayed/neutered before leaving for new home

We offer the same white glove transportation, which we have for our puppies. Your kitten will travel in a vehicle to your home like a pet & NOT transported as cargo on a plane. We believe this is safer, less stressful & makes for a happier pet at about the same (or less) than flight costs. We will also meet within 4 hr round trip, or fly with your kitten in cabin with us & meet at your nearest major airport. Of course you’re always welcome to pick up your new kitten here.

We offer a DISCOUNT for any military person, if you pay entire fee upfront, or a multi-pet/repeat buyer.


If you're interested in a kitten or would like more information, please feel free to fill out our kitten form.

Sphynx make wonderful pets.
They are a great mix of dog, cat, & a bit of monkey too.
They do well with other pets, even our large dogs & love to play outside on our deck! They do need some special care, being hairless, if you're interested-we would be more than happy to talk with you about them.
We get asked often 'are they really hairless'. The short answer is yes but some may develop fuzz as times goes on. Hormone changes may cause a small amount of fuzz as your kitten matures. Spay or neuter your cat at a young age will lessen the chances of fuzz growth. Fuzzy hair may also come and go with the changing climates."

The Cat Hospital of Fairfax, Inc. shares the following recipe:

homemade sunscreen for cats & dogs


6 tbsp almond oil

3 tbsp shea butter

1 tsp beeswax

1 tsp soy-lecithin

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

2 tbsp rose water

3-5 drops coconut oil


Melt oils, butters and beeswax in a double boiler over low heat, only until melted.

Add the soy-lecithin, stir until mixed. Remove from heat.

Warm the aloe vera and rose water.

While still warm, put the water mix over ice.

Drizzle in the oil mixture while stirring rapidly with a small whisk,

this should cream quickly.

Add coconut oil and mix well.

Store in a clean, airtight jar.


 Taken From TICA Site

The Ten Commandments of the Reputable Breeder:

 1. The Reputable Breeder places cats/kittens by contract.
 2. The Reputable Breeder places cats/kittens with a health guarantee.
 3. The Reputable Breeder insists & contracts the return of a cat/kitten should the purchaser be unable to keep the cat/kitten.
 4. The Reputable Breeder carefully interviews prospective owners & has specific requirements to be met, i.e. cat/kitten is to be altered (if not already practicing early altering), not allowed to roam outdoors, etc.
 5. The Reputable Breeder is willing & able to educate the novice. He/she happily answers questions regarding the breed as well as his/her breeding program.
 6. The Reputable Breeder insists on being informed of health, genetic, or behavioral problems the cat/kitten may develop.
 7. The Reputable Breeder does not have more cats/kittens then he/she is able to keep clean, healthy and socialized.
 8. The Reputable Breeder spends individual time with each of his cats/kittens.
 9. The Reputable Breeder is concerned with temperament as well as the health of his/her cats/kittens.
 10. The Reputable Breeder makes him/herself available for advice willing to help other breeders/owners.