General American Hairless Terrier (AHT) Care:

AHT Feeding Routine:

AHT pups between 8 and 12 weeks- feed 4x per day.

Feed AHT puppies 3 to 6 months old- feed 3x per day.

Feed puppies 6 months & up- feed 2x per day.


Grooming Needs:

Relatively minimal. Regular bathing, nail trims

(they grow very fast) and keeping ears clean.


Climate Needs:

Can live in any, with precautions against extreme conditions.

Shirts, PJs, coats as needed.

Sunscreen may also be needed –

PLEASE be cautious of ingredients!!!


Outdoors Vs Indoors:

MUST live indoors, NOT an outdoor or yard dog

Intelligent, trainable and enjoys activity such as

obedience & agility

Compatible with other Dogs:

Yes- when socialized properly.


Exercise Needs:

Minimal. Regular walks, indoor play time are great.

AHT enjoys activity but content to be a lap dog as well. Do NOT over exercise young puppies to 1 year old

Watchdog Ability:

Many will alert to a stranger by barking,

but not generally protection dogs



remember to elevate food & water bowls!

General Sphynx Care:


  1. Please note that Sphynx need regular baths. Your kitten may or may not LIKE it, but will get "greasy" and leave dirty places everywhere if you don’t. Call me if you have questions. We use to gentle Baby Shampoo! Hypoallergenic unscented wipes work great in between baths.
  2. Please check/clean ears at least once a week. You can use Q-tips (not too deep-you can damage them!), cotton balls, or you can get ear-cleaning pads. Remember sphynx have no hair & if not cleaned, your kitten might get an ear infection.
  3. Please check/clean eyes daily. Since sphynx don’t have eyelashes everything gets in them.
  4. Sphynx are not outside cats! No hair means fast sunburns.
  5. Please NEVER USE FLEA & TICK TOPICAL MONTHLY MEDICINES (Revolution, Advantage, Frontline, etc.) they are deadly to sphynx.
  6. Please trim nails regularly. Make sure to have things that are available for your kitten to scratch & play on. Here they have old bath rugs, scratch posts, cat trees & are used to all these things already.
  7. Please give your kitten someplace warm & safe to sleep when he/she is not snuggling with you. Pet stores have great snuggle beds & we use fleece blankets (they love these BUT remember to check them BEFORE sitting!!).
  8. Please leave food and fresh water out all day-cats prefer flowing water & there are several out on the market. Sphynx eat a lot since they don’t have any hair and need more energy to keep warm.
  9. Please empty litter box & keep clean. Cats don’t like a dirty litter box and may find someplace else to go if it is not cleaned on a regular basis. We use clumping litter (World’s Best Cat Litter at or found in most pet stores) it is natural & safe.
  10. Please realize that kittens investigate & EVERYTHING looks like a toy so it will be checked out. You will need to teach your new kitten what is & isn't acceptable. NEVER hit your cat, a stern no & redirect to something positive will work best!!!!
  11. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or concerns about anything. We want only the best for each & everyone & your new sphynx just wants love!
  12. We use L-Lysine this is an amino acid that helps boost immune system & encourage you to continue doing the same.

***Always feel free to contact us 816-405-7781